“You need to trust To surrender To ask for guidance Go within for the answers They're within you You have the answers All you need do is ask”  ― Karen Hacke

There is a theory that the more you listen the less you have to ask.

This is a question of trusting your own intelligence that is beyond the intelligence of your intellect.

So many of us are focused on goals and accomplishing one milestone after the other.

We wear out the track at the gym just trying to lose weight.

You read the paper voraciously to educate yourself on the proper investment for your future.

Meanwhile the answer lies not in the asking but in the listening.

I have the idea that if you take one small step each day with awareness of how much this step nourishes your soul that you will move closer to your desired outcome.

You can synchronize your systems internal and external to show you the next step to take in getting what you want.

This is different than pushing forward with only the goal in mind with a lack of awareness to your intelligence beyond your mind.

The intelligence beyond your mind is your guidance system.

It shows up when you focus on your well being in all aspects of you. That includes your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects.

Now you will take the steps needed to move toward your desired outcome.

At the same time you must surrender and let go of the moment to moment ups and downs.

Then relax, release and touch your heart from the inside out to see what’s next.

This is who you are.