It’s early in the morning and you are looking into your eyes. What do you see and hear?

What comes forth is a voice of opinion about what is showing up in the mirror.

Rumpled hair, blotchy skin, a redness in the neck that hadn’t been there before and then an extension of the judgment of the body that is not seen in the mirror becomes loud as you turn away to start you day.

The opinion you have of yourself is held by the part of you that has judgement, makes assumptions and wakes up every morning with expectations.

You are having a hard time keeping up with all the criteria your inner judge has established for you.

One possibility is to release the judge from further work. This means letting go of the judgements about you, your expectations and the assumptions your judge has about how hard it is to change.

This does not mean fighting with it. It means turning on the love for you from your soul so high that the judging part of you lets go of its role. There is no more room for it.

Now you are up the next day looking in the mirror.

A big smile comes to your face and warmth radiates from your heart.

You give yourself a hug and say something like, “Hello beautiful, I love you so much today that every precious moment with you will be a treasure.”