You’ve probable heard of this famous guy Aristotle. Kind of amazing his reputation has passed down over so many years.

AristotleHe was born in 384 B. C. and he was a philosopher, teacher and thinker.

He was wrong on a number of things about his world but the one that stands out for me is, he thought earth did not move and the planets rotated around the earth.

He thought we were the center of the universe.

So you don’t have to be right all the time to make a lasting impression if enough people believe what you are saying.

However, to be fair, he was a great thinker and philosopher about his world. He had the notion we needed to be schooled in a broad range of subjects. He understood and lived wholeness of being.

His work had a huge impact on the subjects of mathematics, logic, dance, metaphysics and others.

He studied.

He thought.

He spoke and wrote about what he thought he knew.

You and I are no different from Aristotle.

We have the capacity to learn and deepen our understanding of our world.

The busy lives we lead seem to get in the way of our deeper learning.

We need more of our sense of wholeness.

Maybe with more of our knowing our wholeness we can take better care of ourselves and our planet.

This is who you are.