As you walk the road of life strangers will come into your life, some of whom will become your friend. The nature of your openness to life and your perspective on aspects such as vulnerability and willingness will determine how you touch your world.

Your ego demand that you be right can keep you isolated.

You may have learned to feel alone in your world.

Are you friends with you yet?

You have been taught to externalize your relationships and through them know if you are ok or not. Many times the positive evidence does not match the internal picture, feelings and attitudes closely held.

You look in the mirror and you see the blemish.

Do you see the wonderful smile?

Do you see your soul through your eyes?

Do you look at all?

The friendship you have with you is a precious relationship that you will want to nourish.

You see relationships are not static. This person called you is always changing and evolving so you will want to stay in touch.

The only way to do that is to take the time to check in with you.

Ask yourself some questions, like how are we today?

Simple, then let the answer come.

Then when strangers show up unexpectedly you will know and appreciate them as they become your friend.

That’s because you already know what it’s like to have one.