There are angels among us that come in strange forms sometimes.  

The fears you have, the resentments you hold and the anger in your body are angels in your life you have been unwilling to recognize.


Like a linebacker going for the goal line you have straight armed them trying to keep them at bay.


Step up to the banquet table of your resentments, fears and anger and accept what is there as angels ready to teach you about your life.


Once you accept them as your teachers then see what is to learn and let them go. This is  not the table  from which you will receive all your nourishment.


Step up to the banquet table piled high with the self love, respect, rejoicing and abundant love, all just for you.


You are the creator and recipient of the banquet table you prepare. Ease up and forgive yourself for past transgressions and feel the vibration of self love when you say, “I love you.”


This is the basic material from which you came.


This is who you are.