Each one of us has a brain capable of taking in, processing and filing literally millions of bits of data. Every moment of very day your brain and mine takes in what is going on and converts the information into something useable for us.

BrainIs it not amazing you can remember experiences and feelings from years ago?

We take this special part of us for granted.

How do you take care of your brain?

It does not ask anything of you in return for the millions of bits if information it will process for you today.

There is evidence now that our brains can lose their capacity to function properly as we age.

It is our responsibility to take care of this precious and unique resource.

Like anything that is precious to you, take the time to learn what you can do to nourish and enliven your brain.

I am not a specialist in what it will take to keep my brain operating at peak capacity for as many years as possible.

However, I can tell you I am taking the steps to keep my brain working as best I can for as long as I can.

First, I meditate every day because I believe meditation is needed to relieve stress and give our body and brain a rest.

Second, I am a life long learner. I take courses. I read and study to keep my brain working and stretching because I think this is a healthy thing to do.

You are a precious human being.

Your brain is a big part of you. Take care of it.

This is who you are.