Everything is in focus when I write my plan to get into action about my life's work and my passion. Then all hell breaks out to distract me from the one thing I said I would do right now. Has this ever happened to you? When you speak your hearts’ desire you might do it quietly so no one will hear you. If they hear you then you will be committed to going for it.

What would you do today if you were to follow your passion?

What is in the way of doing that besides the mundane things like bills to pay, family to care for and obligations to fulfill?

Why is passion the first thing on the list and the last thing cared for, nurtured and pushed along to the top?

Is it because if you were full blast up to your ears in your passion that no one would be with you? You fear that you would be all alone?

Maybe you wouldn't have time to make everyone else happy before you got your chance.

The logical argument about monetary issues and family issues always comes up as the biggest obstacle to following your passion. “Just wait until I retire”, you say and then I will light the world on fire.

Heck, by then the world might already be burned up and not need your fire.

Your passion burns inside of you whether you acknowledge it or not. It is a light that has energy, love and direction in it.

There are many ways to access it. Look for those ways.

If you are a secret painter maybe you could take a few moments and send someone you love an authentic painted card. It’s the expression that counts not the magnitude.

You’re very clever so really look at ways to access and mobilize your passion in any possible way.

When you do that you will feel energetic, self loving, and you will blush with the excitement of sharing your passion with others.

Letting your passion burn within you and not fanning the flames in some way is like saying “I don’t matter”