The evidence shows we have abilities far beyond what we use every day. Our imagination has the capability to contribute to our life in ways we have not used.

Our intuitive sense  has been proven to be a powerful aspect in our lives.


Sometimes we try to outsmart our intuition by using our intellect. We spend time analyzing instead of believing what our gut sense has shown us.

That’s a function of believing our analytic ability is better than our knowing.

Usually that is a way of shutting down our creative nature and going with the old staid and true method we have known from the past.

Our creative power rests in our essential nature which is buried under our training, our developed attitudes and our fear of getting out of the norm.

It is better, we say, to stay on the path we know rather than take the one less travelled for fear we will be criticized or worse, we will fail.

Fear is a big block to our creative nature.

In order to go beyond our fear we will have to make a choice to look deeper into our essential well of who we are.

The wisdom you and I have lies in the deepest parts of us waiting for the light to be turned on in the room of our creativity.

When you know you are more than you have expressed to date, you are willing to  make the journey to that part of you which is creative.

You have to have the faith in your own knowing and realize you already have what it takes.

You have to make the choice to do it.

Then you have to love yourself enough to allow for learning something new about yourself.

Your expression in the world is up to you.

If you have enough love, courage, persistence and compassion for who you are then you will take the journey.

Your creativity awaits you. You have the power to awaken it.

This is who you are.