A tender heart awoke today. It was yours. It is a beautiful, intricate and complex energy source that not only works on the physical level but also on the energetic and spiritual level.

Your tender heart feels every word you say, every judgment you make, and every choice that becomes a part of your life.

It feels criticism and it feels the hurt of someone who says they love you not seeing you for who you are.

Your heart is an intelligent part of you that sends and receives information about who you are and what your next step could be.

The heart of you is your light. Many who have known you know your light. They see it even if they can’t put words to it. When you enter a room your light comes with you and transforms it.

However, even if that is so you must see, experience and honor your light because you and the heart you bring are gifts to a needy world.

You have passion in your heart for whatever difference you will make.

You have love in your heart for all that is good.

You have a tender heart that derives strength from its tenderness and wisdom.

This is who you are.