Your opinion of yourself is closely held and long in the tooth. You developed it over the years and now you have a picture of you, you have a feeling of who you are and what you are worth and you act accordingly.

Your life is a mirror reflection of all of these made up attributes you have given to yourself. It’s a powerful way to be in your world or so it may seem.

Actually it is the only way you can be in the world because it is all you know.

To change the picture you have made up of yourself you need some outside help (a new mirror).

It is best to have a reflection from someone who can give you an accurate reflection of your intelligence, your feeling nature your physical nature and perhaps most importantly your spiritual nature or your connection to the universe.

Asking for reflection and engaging others in providing it is risky business or it may seem so. The reflector needs to have a good understanding of their own attributes or the possibility exists that they will simply be projecting their own attitudes and attributes on you.

If you can have someone reflect all the amazing qualities of you then you will see that is much easier for those that can see you to provide an accurate picture for you than for you to see it for yourself.

This is a true gift.