A friend of mine living in Malaysia just had a beautiful baby girl born into the family. Do we not know that this is a miracle?

The mystery of life begins in such a simple way yet the nature of the miracle is so complex as to defy our science of knowledge.

A tiny miracle begins with the wholeness of being, a connection to the angels and a promise that her world can be a place of dignity, respect, opportunity and wholeness.

Is this not also true at your age?

Do you remember being in your crib crying to be fed as your only focus in that moment and somehow knowing that you were a miracle in action.

What has changed?

Has your inner world become smaller?

Have you developed a picture of yourself that is less than perfect?

How could a new born possibly know the answers? Yet we know she is living proof that miracles occur.

Let us not forget that if a miracle occurs on the other side of the world that it is our miracle too because she is the miracle that you are and always will be.

I think it is a question of forgetting. You came as a miracle, you were seen as a miracle and now you have the responsibility to once again know that you are the miracle.

It’s just that you’re a little older now so you have to go into the heart of your kid and remember the moment.

In case you need a visual here’s a picture of a kid that is a miracle.

What will be different for you today as you act from the miracle you are?