The Body beautiful


The Body beautiful

Do you know the song of your life?

It’s the theme running through the lyrics of your day that keep you going.

Many people are not aware of their song.The need to rush is too strong.

They run here and there trying new things, staying with the old, resisting change because it is too hard to craft a new tune.

Yet, the old lyrics don’t match you any more.

You can feel it in your bones as you try to sing the same old song day after day.

The opening to a new song is what is called for now.

This means not only shedding the old but actually writing new lyrics.

How will you do that?

The new song shows up when you decide you are ready. It is a conscious choice.

This means recognizing the delusion of continuing to sing the same old tune.

Sit down, take the time to see what lyrics show up now.

They are there.

They show up through the turmoil and the uncertainty when you allow it.

The time is here for a new song of your life.

Let it come.

It is in your heart.

Listen for it.

This is who you are.


What Is The Song Of Your Life?


What Is The Song Of Your Life?

Do you know the song of your life?
It’s the theme running through the lyrics of your day that keeps you going.
Many of us do not.
We run here and there trying new things while singing the old song, resisting changing our tune because it is too hard to craft a new one.
Yet, the old tune is out of tune.
Out of sync. The timing is off. You can feel it in your bones.
The opening to a new song is what is called for now.
This means not only shedding the old but actually writing a new set of lyrics.
How will you do that?
The new song will show up when the opening in your consciousness shows up.
This means recognizing the delusion of continuing to sing the same old song.
Sit down, take the time to see what lyrics show up now.
They are there.
They show up through the turmoil and the uncertainty when you allow it.
The time is here for a new song of your life.
Let it come.
It is in your heart.
Listen for it.
This is who you are.


Powerful Moments


Powerful Moments

In the game of hockey there is what is known as the power play. That is when one team plays short handed so the other team has the advantage.The power play only lasts a couple of minutes. That can be a long time when you have a powerful team at full strength.

The human ego is like a team playing at full strength and we feel like we are at a disadvantage.

This is our reaction from the inside to the world outside. We have a big ego judge that seemingly never goes off the power play, to convince us of who we are, how we should handle ourselves and what we should say.

The ego operates on history. It does not have the capability to look into your future and plan a new game with new rules. It always uses the old rules.

Change your game through mindful living.

1. Live moment to moment with awareness

2. Take care of your body. Don’t have that extra piece of cake.

3. Take time to do the things you love.

 The power is in you now and when activated brings innovation, creativity and fulfillment. 

This is who you are.


Just Ask


Just Ask

When in doubt just ask.

Don’t be afraid of the answer.

You don’t know the reaction you will get except what has been made up in your mind.

The thoughts you have prior to asking are based on your adapted way of doing life.

Your thoughts are not who you are.

They are just opinions of your ego.

Ask. It will save you a lot of time.

You will feel better knowing where things stand when you just ask the question.

Your path will become clearer because the rubble created by the machinations of your mind just make the situation murkier.

Do you want to know your next step?

Just ask.


Dreams Unfulfilled?


Dreams Unfulfilled?

You have a dream.

You want something to change in your life but you don’t know how to do it.

The harder things get, the harder you try.

That’s because of how you have been trained.


You are frustrated because you are not acknowledged for what you have done.

The effort you have put toward your dream is the best you have ever given.

Here is what is getting in your way:

  1. The training that says the harder things get the harder you should work.
  2. The way you keep analyzing the results. It’s like pulling up the roots of a baby plant to see if it is growing.
  3. The judgement you place on yourself for not being good enough.

Here is an alternative way to look at and fulfill your dream:

  1. Acknowledge you don’t know the answer and let that be enough.
  2. Keep putting your effort into your dream by taking the next step.
  3. Understand and know that if you take the next step you have already fulfilled your dream. There is nothing more to do

This is my philosophy of fulfilling my dream. 

When I acknowledge the step I have taken today then I know I am fulfilling my dream because that was what I was supposed to do today.

Do not lament on yesterday or leap into tomorrow.

Your dream comes true in this moment as you take the necessary action.

This is who you are.


The Game Changer


The Game Changer

Pete Carroll, head coach of the Seattle Seahawks, has a lot to say about mindfulness and how it applies to life.

First, let’s review...what is mindfulness?

My definition is being present to whatever is going on in the moment without judgement.

Pete caroll.jpeg

Sports coaches have been described as “my way or the highway” type of guys with a hard hitting attitude in a rigid system.

Pete Carroll has taken the concept of mindfulness and applied it to the creation of a winning football team with players who know how to be present in the moment.

There is lots for us to learn using Pete Carroll’s philosophy about living our life.

First, he coaches the whole person so that the player can bring his best strengths to the game. You can apply this by understanding your best strengths and bringing them to the game of your life.

Second, he embedded the concept of being a competitor as a key to his philosophy in his coaching practice. His concept of competition is not about beating others but about being the best you can be. He develops his players to access and stretch into the potential he knows is inside them. 

Mindfulness training develops our ability to do just that...access our own highest potential and act accordingly.

Third, Pete Carroll believes focussing on results is counter productive. He says when we focus outside ourselves we get distracted and lose focus on what is happening in the moment. Instead, visualize the results but focus on yourself and what is happening in the moment.

He doesn’t win every game but he and his players are fully engaged in what they are doing. His level of success on and off the field is testament to his coaching strategy.

I wonder how our lives would be if we took these ideas to heart?

This is who you are.


Your Brain Loves Pleasure


Your Brain Loves Pleasure

Habits are formed through the neural connections in the brain.

When you undertake an activity, the brain neurons connect and create a feeling of pleasure or displeasure.

happy brain.jpeg

If your brain likes it then it says, “Give me more of that!”

If the experience creates pain or anger or unpleasantness then the brain will send you messages to resist any more activity that feels like discomfort.

This is how habits are formed.

After a while, neuron pathways are created based on your activities, so it becomes easier to do those activities most especially if they are pleasurable. 

This does not mean the experiences are good for you like over indulging in food or alcohol.

However, your brain does not make the choice as to what you are doing.

It only provides the good feeling or not so good feeling.

As the habit continues for any length of time it becomes harder to change it because when the pleasurable feeling comes up the brain screams at you to get into action to provide more of the good feeling.

The choice to participate, however, is yours. 

Yes, you are in charge of making the choice to go ahead or not.

The power to choose rests with you.

The mindful focus you bring to your life determines the path you follow.

You are in charge.

You are responsible.

Don’t leave your life decisions up to the auto pilot created in your brain because it just likes the pleasure feeling.

This is who you are.


The Storm Brews


The Storm Brews

You can tell the storm is coming.

The sky gets darker.

The clouds move faster.

The wind is cold on your face.

Storm clouds.jpeg

It feels like you have to pull your jacket closed.

The storm builds until the rain comes in  torrents.

Sound familiar?

The Storm around you created by family or people you know does not have to embrace you too.

However, given your conditioned response with a desire to help it is common to reach in and try to help someone in the middle of a storm in their life.

This is a time for you to go to the still place within you.

No need to be a participant in the storm.

You simply acknowledge it.

Allow yourself to feel what you feel.

At the same time connect to your still point within and keep your feet on the ground.

This allows for clearer thinking and a more focused response.

You have a better chance of seeing what you need to do from this place of calmness.

No matter the depth and breadth of the storm, the quiet place is always available to you.

This is who you are.


Blind Spots


Blind Spots

We all have blind spots.

One type of blind spot is physical and the other is made up from our adaptations while growing up.

We humans accept the physical blind spot easily enough. Most of us don’t even think of it as a problem. The brain does the work by filling in the blind  spot based on surrounding landscape.

However, the blind spot we developed growing up has a lot to do with how we see the world.

That’s why putting several people together and asking them their opinion will result in several different answers.

Your internal blind spot can lead you to limit your perspective and thus limit your possible results.

Here are some ideas to consider in facing your blind spots:

  1. Look at how you judge people and circumstances. Chances are those judgments cloud what might be possible.
  2. What are you afraid of? Childhood fears go into the background as people grow up. Yet they lurk inside you adjusting the way your world is experienced.
  3. What kind of thinker are you? Some people can see big picture and others can only see what is in front of them. Neither one is good or bad It’s just that your view of the world and what is happening gets adjusted according to the way you think. Thus a blind spot occurs.

Recognizing your blind spots is a wise thing to do.

When you understand where they are you open the door to more possibilities.

Now, that’s a good thing.

This is who you are.


Time Flys


Time Flys

Time does not fly but it can seem like it is moving fast.

All of a sudden you are not two or ten or twenty anymore.

You are grown up and now you have responsibilities and a perception of yourself in the world.

Where did the time go, you wonder.

We all have twenty-four hours every day.

Those hours are filled with moments.

The choices we make as to how to use the moments that fill the hours are our own.

Your power of choice is the key to using what time you have to your advantage.

You see you are making choices every moment about how to use that moment.

If you want to learn something, take on a new challenge or just sit at your computer then you would have to know you have made that choice to use your talents and time in that particular way.

You are in charge of the moments of your day...every day.

Make them count!

This is who you are.


Wake Up. Be Amazing. Repeat.


Wake Up. Be Amazing. Repeat.

Let’s start with repeat.

The days will come and go faster than you want them to.

So you have a repetitive pattern to live within every day.

This is a huge opportunity.

How’s that?

You have the opportunity to be amazing every day.

The fact is you already have everything you need whether you realize it or not.

So start with being amazing for yourself.

Here’s a few ideas:

  1. Be grateful for your life
  2. Be gentle with your self
  3. Nourish yourself with good stuff.

That would be amazing!

The final point, which really is needed first, is to wake up.

That is to say, wake up to who you are, what you stand for and how you will use your gifts.

Then follow through.

Be Amazing.


This is who you are.


Jack And Jill Went Up The Hill


Jack And Jill Went Up The Hill

Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water.

Silly. Everyone knows water is not at the top of the hill. 

But Jack with his ego in full bloom insisted they go up the hill.

His ego denied him the opportunity to listen to what Jill was saying about the source of water at the bottom of the hill.

In a misguided way, her love for Jack humored him to continue in the wrong direction.

So, up they went!

Halfway along this arduous journey up,  Jack was getting angry and began defending his decision to keep going.

Then a miraculous thing happened.

Jack slipped and sprained his ankle badly.

Writhing in pain he cried out for help.

Jill, of course, was there to comfort him and wrap the badly bruised ankle.

He fell into her arms in a puddle, the ego falling away for just a moment.

Jack asked Jill for her thoughts on their journey.

She gently told him they should stop, change direction and head down the hill.

Jack agreed.

So, leaning on Jill for support, down they went.

Low and behold there was a clear flowing stream just off to their right.

The moral of this story?

Your ego will insist you push ahead...keep going. But you may not be headed in the right direction.

Before embarking on a long journey, see if anyone around you has a more intuitive sense of the direction to go.

Then listen carefully.

It may not make sense to your ego but you my may find what you were looking for.

This is who you are.





Does life seem busy to you?

Everyone I talk to complains about how busy their life is.

It is as though we have all gotten on a runaway train which is out of control.

Do you feel the stress?

My research shows that we have adapted to stress as the new normal, almost a badge of honour...'let me tell you how much I am coping with'!

We humans are so very adaptable.

We have adapted to a lifestyle of over work, over engagement in our personal and professional lives and, rationalized it all as necessary and normal.

It feels normal to us to be in a rush.

You can experience it in our driving patterns. Everyone is going faster.

What, if anything, is there to do about this?

Nothing if you choose that route.

Yes, we live in a high stress world and we do have to manage but studies show long term our body and emotional state is suffering.

Our stress will not go away but we can improve the quality of our lives not by ignoring it but by becoming aware of how it feels then making a few simple changes.

Here are a few things you can try:

    1    Sit quietly for ten minutes a day

    2    Read inspirational stories

    3    Walk and drive more slowly

    4    Eat healthy food and take the time to sit down and eat slowly

    5    Get lots of rest. (How about a nap?)

As you pay attention to how you feel you will cope better and learn how to take care of yourself.

Aware then adaptable...

This is who you are.





Butter has been used for thousands of years as an excellent source of nutrients our bodies need.

It is made by separating out the cream from milk and then churning the cream into a beautiful food.

You would not know butter is part of the milk you were drinking if you did not know any better.

There is a process that must take place to bring the butter out of the raw product.

What do you think we  have to do with butter?

Well, I was thinking about the process of our evolution.

We are born with purity of mind, heart and soul. A huge potential is hidden within us.

The process by which we develop will identify and mobilize aspects of us previously unseen.

If you do not undertake any kind of process of development then nothing will change.

Hmm, sounds like butter in the making.

You have a choice as to how you develop and bring your hidden gifts to the world.

They will only come out if you choose to develop and use them.

Butter does not show up automatically with all its sweetness and nourishment.

Neither do you.

This is who you are.


Renewal Every day


Renewal Every day

The sun rises every day to give us the light to work and play in.

The sun sets every day to give us the chance to reflect, rest and restore in the ongoing journey of our life.

And everyday we follow the routine of the sun to start and end our day at times we are familiar with.

Experiences happen along the way.

We take them in, deal with them and sometimes move on.

There are times when we hold on too long relishing the pain or the pleasure beyond when it is time to let it go.

That’s the journey.

We have lots of opportunity to figure out how to participate in the journey moment by moment.

In all of this, the ego and the heart live side by side abiding each other in a relationship.

On the one hand the ego wants to run the show and many times it does.

Then there are times when our heart opens to the feelings showing up in the moment of a particular experience.

We have it all, these various aspects of who we are and how we are made up.

That’s why we can live renewed every day if we so choose.

This is who you are.



Look No Further

He stood in the forest.

The path had come to an end.

The wall of trees looked impassable.

The sun could barely get through the thick canopy.

The birds were quiet.

The breeze was but a velvet touch on his skin.

How shall I go forward he asked.

Going back is not an option.

A butterfly flew in and landed on his shoulder.

Look no further she said.

The answer lies in your heart.

Look there.

Listen for the sweet sound of your own gentle voice.

The guide within you is more wise than you know.

A soothing voice sang a song to him.

You are here to listen.

You are here to know who you are.

It is your time.

Never give up the quest to express your true self.

Take action now on letting people know we live in new times.

He opened his eyes.

Thousands stood with him.

The path opened.

He walked on

This is who you are.


Nothing Changes


Nothing Changes

If nothing changes then nothing changes.

The same old life, day after day.

The rushing around, going to work, taking the kids to the arena seven days a week and wondering where home is.

Home looks like the last fast food joint you ate at.

What motivates change? 

Something within you screaming for help, that’s what.

You tell yourself in some way you are too busy to listen to it.

Wait a while, you say, things will be better next week, next month or next year.

It never really changes, does it.

Yet, the knot behind the belt buckle won’t go away.

The conditioned response is to work it off by going for a run, get in to a new relationship, take on a bigger job or just drink it away.

Whatever your mode of pushing your inner voice to the back room is, you will notice it keeps popping up now and then.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

You have the choice.

You have the means to listen to the voice within you.

It is clear.

It tells the truth.

It loves you.

It wants you to be more fulfilled than you could have ever thought.


Look within.


That is where the information is you need to make the next  move.

This is who you are


Heart Times


Heart Times

This is the time of the heart.

I am saddened by the events on the global stage and the local stage.

Fear grips the nation with soldiers being killed, dangerous diseases invading our space and unknown scary things being made up in our minds.

The heart is the home of our intuitive intelligence, our wisdom and our compassion.

It is without question the one thing we need in  our world.

I want to describe how I feel about the need for compassion. 

There is a mixture of sadness, anger and inspiration in my heart.
I am driven by passion within to make our world a more compassionate and wise place to live now and for the generations to come.
What I know is when light shows up so does the darkness.
The darkness can never hide from the light.
When you radiate your life's passion into the world you bring light where there was darkness.Compassion lives in us.

However, I am reminded of what one of my teachers told me about Gandhi.

First, he was man of non violence and truth.

He said you can love the sinner but not love the sin.

He was able to embrace his abusers but not embrace the violence they brought to his people.

I am in the third act of my life and it is clear to me that a life intention is a necessity.

Whatever number of years you have left to live, do not waste it on frivolous activities.

Your world is everyone’s world. We are all connected.

There is not one thing you nor I can do that does not affect everyone else on the planet.

Awakening the passion of our heart is what is called for.

I see many people have put their passion aside for work or relationships that express less than who they are.

The passion in one’s heart is awakened when you feel the tug of not being able to do what you are doing for one more minute.

The velocity of change and the intensity it brings is in our face.

What will you do about your life today?

The possibilities are in your hands.

In the face of  extraordinary events I have never experienced in my lifetime, I choose to contribute to the community and gather people who are like minded to come together for a better world.

If not us, then who?

This is who you are.


We Are Needed


We Are Needed

Canadian Parliament.jpeg

Our world has changed dramatically and I guess it always will.

Nothing is permanent. Change occurs every moment.

The Canadian Parliament was attacked Wednesday by at least one gunman.

The Canadian world has changed forever.

We don’t need self pity.

We don’t need more drugs to calm us down.

We, those of us alive now, need to awaken to our life.

It is a necessity that all of us choose our life and our purpose and move forward with compassion and wisdom.

Those qualities are present within each and every one of us.

Whatever you were doing yesterday have a look and see if it is what you want to continue doing in the way you are doing it.

When you settle for less than who you are you choose a lesser path.

Now, you and I need to know, understand and act with the wisdom of our heart.

It is always available and it is needed more now than ever before.

This is who you are.


The garden of Ignorance


The garden of Ignorance

There are a thousand plants in the garden most of which look unfamiliar.

Yet the human way is to grasp for the learning. 

When we know, we think we have power.

If we think we know we think we have certainty. 

So we cut down the plants to study them.

In so many ways we humans have undermined our own existence in the name of power and certainty.

If we could only allow for our own insecurity in the moment.

It is ok not to know.

All we have to do is take one step even if it is a small one.

Then our intuition is activated.

That is the guide we are waiting for.

This is who you are.