A plastic surgeon asked several of his patients why they wanted the surgery. They answered, “I just want to be happy.”  

Is this not what many of us would say if asked about our lives?


We buckle down each day to produce what is asked in the best way we know how.


What is your formula for your happiness?


When you look at this question, come to stillness and examine it from a quiet place.


Let your heart song provide the answer rather than your ego.


One aspect of happiness is how you see the world.


Some people see problems everywhere while others see opportunity.


What do you see?


Some of what you see is how you have been trained. Many of us are trained problem solvers. That unfortunately comes from our adapted self. The happiness quotient is limited here.


The challenge of having to solve problems all day is that even if you are somewhat successful, there is evidence to show that it will not leave you very happy.


There are two other elements that social scientists have proven contribute to your happiness.


The first is to live in the moment. This for me is about presence.

The way to get to presence is to put your ego to rest and engage your essential self in the moment.


Try it. It is a challenging practice given all the distractions we have in a day.


The second contributing element is the choices you make.


There are two basic choices all of us make every day.


The first is the choice for pleasure. Whatever that might be for you.


The second choice is about contribution and fulfillment. You can ask yourself what contribution you have made today that nourishes your heart.


In essence, the happiness factor is brought alive through the active relationship with your essential self.  This is a powerful aspect of you waiting to be activated.


This is who you are.