Life is a crazy ride of joy, sadness, failure, successes, as we define them and all sorts of experiences along the way. “Live a joyful life,” we are told.


“Drink deeply from the experiences presented to you,” others will say.


We are encouraged to love ourselves, think about our life, and bring joy to every moment.


Tough instructions for a chaotic world in which there is hardly enough time to eat properly, get to work and take care of the family.


We might say life is a grand adventure with all that happens in a day. Try telling that to your upset stomach, your shoulders up around your ears and your hair going wild in the wind as you race down the freeway to your next appointment.


Ah wait, there is a way.


To handle the chaos, craziness and seemingly endless demands on your time you will have to take a break.

Your mind not only engages in your life activities it makes up stories about them.


Quiet the mind a couple of times a day and bring yourself to stillness and presence.


Make it a habit. It only needs to start with 5 minutes twice a day.


The purpose of stillness is not to feel better about what is going on. It is to awaken your capacity of your essential self.


Awakening your essential self will open your senses from the inside out and you will be much better able to take care of yourself.

Try it. You’ll like it.

This is who you are.