You are so much more than your physical package of bones and skin and blood and water. We see our self in the mirror and we look so real with our frizzy hair, freckles and wrinkles.

The essence of you though lies beyond the surface of what you see.

We now know your heart has an energy field than goes out beyond your body some ten feet. The energy waves are sent back to your heart and brain.

You are heart connected to your world.

You have access to intelligent knowing beyond your thinking mind.

Accept the capabilities that are within you and you will understand that you are so much more than you have thought about yourself up until now.

Yes, your training has taught you how to be and act in the world around you but that is not who you are. It is how you have been taught.

Whatever decisions you make about your life let them be from your essence rather than your adapted self. The part of you that has been trained is not the part that can offer the best decisions. It is the part that will react to whatever is going on.

However, when you get in touch with your heart self you will really feel what you need in the moment.

That is where to choose life from. That is the powerful place of essential knowing that comes with every human being.

Every one of us has an essential self that can access our knowing. I call it your heart knowing.

It is about letting go of the adapted self. That trained part of us and letting our heart guide us in what to do.

Living from this essential place is a practice. It is not something we all consciously know.

However you can get to know this part of you and when you do you will feel the confidence that comes with it.

You can always trust your heart knowing. You won’t have to second guess yourself or go into analysis to see if you are right.

You will just “know”.

This is who you are.