We have been taught to want it all now. For the past seventy years we have lived through some tremendously prosperous times as well as difficult times.

Many of us have been given everything our parents could afford and maybe more.

We learned that there was no need to wait for what we wanted. If we wanted it we did our best to get it now.

It’s how money has come to represent the power in our pocket to buy many and sundry things.

Some of us did not learn to slow down in the frantic pace to acquire. There did not seem to be any reason to wait.

What is the point in waiting for something if you want it now?

In the face of the modern reality of changing markets, job shifts and economic upheaval an old idea has come forward once again. It is called delayed gratification.

In essence this may not be the best time to go out and get what you say you want.

The urge to acquire mostly comes from your conditioned self rather than your essential self.

When you turn inward, as many of us were not taught early on, you become aware of how it feels to want something. You feel the conditioned self straining to reach for the new toy so shiny and bright right now.

Yet, your essential self knows the feeling of the right time. There is a resonance to it that lets you know when the time is right.

Your essential self knows that waiting might be the best answer in this moment. Through delayed gratification comes a perfect sense of fulfillment.

This is who you are.