Do you know how many babies will be born in the next five minutes? Do you know how many people will die in the next five minutes?

I haven’t looked up the statistics to know exact numbers but I bet it’s a lot. Let’s say in the thousands.

So every minute on this planet there are people grieving the loss of a love one and there are moms and dads rejoicing in the birth of a miracle.

The question is, what are you spending your time focusing on? All the losses or all the miracles?

The miracle of your life is that you are reborn every moment both through choice and the biological nature of your makeup.

The biology takes a care of itself.

You get to take care of the choices you make as to what your life is now in this moment. That’s it. There is nowhere else to focus as far as I can see.

In this moment you may be looking at a change that needs to occur in your life.

How willing are you to engage in that change so that all your resources are brought to bear on what may be a most important time?

I have learned that the more you focus on your essential self which is the part of you that has the DNA of your purpose, your intention and your imagination, the more you will feel the surge of power flowing through you.

When your energy flow is free because you act in accordance with your knowing you activate the living miracle that appeared so long ago as you.

This is who you are.