Each of us would like to have something nice to say at the end of our days when we ait in the old rocker looking out at the hay swaying in the sun. Will Rogers said, “Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there.”

To be in action with intention and purpose is to bring energy, direction and contribution to your life.

A life well lived is not lived in the future or in the past. It is not lived through your children or your parents or your friends.  God knows we have enough challenge keeping track of our own life, why would we want responsibility for theirs?

Do you have an expectation of living your life fully?

Are you waiting for someone or something to change before that happens?

Now is your time.

Now is your life.

You have loads of opportunities and you can spend a lifetime sifting through them in order to choose exactly the right one.

Not much upside in doing that since life keeps moving and shifting anyway.

Just pick one from your heart and try it.

To get moving in your own life is to take the focus you have had until now off of the others in your life.

That does not mean to forgo your relations with them.

It means knowing what is important to you in your life and telling the truth about that.

Your soul’s purpose is known to you.  It is burning a hole in your pocket waiting for you to take it out.

As long as you have your eye on something else you forgo the opportunity that lies within you.

Get up, look in the mirror and see the beauty staring back at you. Surely you appreciate the miracle you see.

This is who you are.