The idea of having to know everything is stressful at the best of times. There are expectations of you to be the best at your job, your family and your leisure activities.

Where do these expectations come from?

Right from your interpretation of what you think is expected of you to attempt to create a life of proven ability, skill and expertise.

Good thing we have skilled experts. If I was having heart surgery I would want to make sure the doctor was well trained.

However trying to know everything in your life is a monumental task if at all possible.

How about knowing nothing?

If you know nothing you enter the world of your intuition and soul knowing space where information is available to you moment to moment.

This idea asks you to let go of previous constructs and to play in your world one moment at a time.

A powerful way to live this way is to accept that you are an intuitive connected person who has an internal internet system ready to give you whatever you need.

When you turn on your power to connect you will let go of past constructs that have you in a box and you will be open to inventing and accepting what is available right now.

You have it all within you.

This is who you are.