A billion years ago there was probably a sea where you are standing now.

Then in what seems like a flash everything has changed. The sea is gone replaced by a bustling city, cars and huge buildings.

The evolutionary spiral continues at a pace. It is continuously moving.

How fast are you moving, evolving, and learning?

It is all happening even if you are not aware of it.

If you live to be a hundred it will go by so fast your head will spin.

One moment you are born and the next moment you are one hundred.

It’s that fast.

No time to waste angel. You are precious and what you are here for is to choose how to give your gifts to the world.

The power you have is awesome over what you do in your life.

A billion years ago you were not here. One hundred years from now you will not be here.

How you fill the gap is up to you.

This is who you are.