Your appreciation for all that you love can take you places you may not want to go. Powerful appetites for food, drink, lust and anything else that bring to the edge of your life and you are wondering how you got there.

Your ego has developed a particular appetite for goodies previously thought to be ok for you. It’s just not moved from not enough to too much.

Your gifts and talents shine above all the rest to be put aside while you sup at the banquet table of satisfying your appetite for that which you know no longer serves you.

You are so much more than your appetite. It is only a projection of wanting something. When wanting gets out of control there is a grasping for more.

Whatever the excess of your appetite you choose it in some way to satisfy something you think needs satisfaction.

You are so much more than your appetite.

When you become aware of your appetite then also become aware of the choice that goes with it.

Then you know what to choose. The powerful appetite or your powerful life.