I built a wall around me when I was young. I used it to be safe in the world.

I had decided the world was not a safe place for me.

So it was better to conform as best I could and not let them see who I really am.

You see, I am a very sensitive person. I am connected to my surroundings and that includes the people in it. Yes, I feel connected to you too.

My sensitivity was not seen, not valued and not encouraged.

The question to ask yourself is, what wall have you built? How do you experience staying safe in the world?

I have promised to take down the wall now. It is not needed anymore. Actually it is holding me back.

I realize I can take care of myself.

I am ready to fully empower my intention of activating hope and inspiration. So I want to be fully available to do that.

It seems to me the way to let you see what I am doing and how I am doing it is to take down the wall between you and me.

You can do the same.

There is a powerful personal expression in taking down your wall.

You just have to know what the wall is made up of and then practice being more available without it.