Many people live in the valley. It is comfortable, the roads are well maintained, they know each other and when tension arises they just put it aside. The people in the valley live at the foot of the mountain. The cold wind blows down into the valley and fog follows along. The people in the valley are ok with that because they are used to the fog and the cold. They just put on a heavier coat. They turn away from anything that looks like trouble.

There are a few people living up on the mountain. When they come down and they sometimes do, although not often, they report on the clarity of the air, the brilliant light and the deep hearted connections they have with neighbours. There is a lightness to them that is noticeable.

The mountain people, as they are called, seem to have a different quality to their presence than the valley people. Some living in the valley think it’s attractive and want to go and live on the mountain.

When someone chooses to start the journey up the mountain many call them back. It’s dangerous they say. You will never make it is another chant.

The reasons to stay in the valley are a comfort in a way of life that few will challenge.

Yet, those that choose to go up the mountain know they must stay the course or lose all that they want for their life.

It is not an easy journey. There are obstacles and there are openings along the way.

The question so many ask is, “What is up there anyway? We have all we need right here.”

The answer is not straight forward. The travellers talk in terms of finding their authentic self again. They want to regain and action their power that has been put aside for so many years.

The energy pushing them from inside their heart is too great to resist the journey, no matter what.

Those that stay committed to the mountain journey find lightness in their step, a broadening of their horizons and opportunities for their life they could never have imagined.

It is a breath of fresh air up the mountain, the light is brilliantly clear and you can see what is needed at every moment.

A long journey? Perhaps.

Yet, if you are to believe what the people of the mountain have experienced then you would know the journey is more than worthwhile. It is critical.