Want More Happiness?




Want More Happiness?

The wholeness and importance of the heart-mind-body connection is being shown more and more through scientific research to be important to our sense of well being.

Many of the sages throughout history have said there is something beyond our brain and mind to which we are connected. Call it consciousness or God or whatever but it is there.

This aspect of us humans plus our ability to regulate, change and educate the heart-mind-body connection is our way to more of what we want and less of what we don’t want.

The more you engage in a practice, the stronger the neural connections and heart connections become such that they react automatically to situations. If you want more happiness, for example, then you will need to make an effort to educate yourself, and practice a different way of thinking and thus acting.

You are a human of possibility. Nothing in our world is static. Therefore your heart-mind-body system continually takes in information and learns how to have you be in the world.

Awakening to the fluid and malleable system which makes up you is in your control.

Want more happiness? Choose first to train yourself to use your heart-mind-body in a new way.


Career Coaching

Life can seem uncertain when you are in the midst of a career change. There is just one thing to remember.
Creating your resume is not the first step.
The first step is becoming clear on what you are passionate about and what skills and tools you have to bring to your passion.

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