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There is no Judgment

March 6, 2018
There is no judgement except for that which you have created in your brain. You have a non-stop dialogue with what appears to be a real person residing within you. Actually, it is your brain accessing historical information and assessing the current situation to provide you with input.

All of us started to adapt to our lives the moment we were born. This adaptation process first learns the voices of those around us, parents, for example. Then we turn those voices into our own without any consciousness that this process has occurred.

So if you find yourself having a critical conversation with yourself, you can know that it comes from what you historically learned about yourself.  It is made up, it is not true and yet it is very familiar.

There is no judgement in the flow of energy in the universe we call our life. We have the choice, with awareness, to pay attention to the flow, the beauty and the energy of our life. The flow of energy is always here and available to us and just like gravity, it works all the time.

Here are three ideas to get in better touch with your positive life energy flow:

  1. Know and understand that the critical voice you hear is historical and not true about you.
  2. Take quiet time to get in touch with your intuition. It will guide you accurately.
  3. Relax the tension in your body by letting go of the striving and pushing. 

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