How to live your Heart's Desire

In early July, I will be teaching a specific plan to help you design and live your heart's desire.

If you are frustrated, discontented or wondering what your heart's desire is and how to live it, then this evening presentation will be for you. 

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Law of Forgiveness

There are certain universal laws you can learn and use to change the circumstances of your life. One of these is the Law of Forgiveness.

When I was fired from what I thought was my ultimate career, the context of my life was shattered. I had no idea who I was without that career. In addition, I felt a huge injustice had been done to me. The victim mentality was running strong.

I had a moment of truth, when I learned that to open my heart would bring me much more beneficial relationships and help me more than holding onto a grudge. In fact, the way I was living was cutting off those people who I wanted the closest relationships with. 

So, opening my heart included forgiveness. I had to forgive myself first for whatever I thought I had done wrong. Then I had to forgive those in the corporation who were responsible for letting me go.

Now, it’s important to understand that forgiveness does not mean that whatever was done to you was right or just or moral. It is just important to know that when you forgive you release yourself from the victim consciousness and move into personal independence.

If you are holding a grudge or hatred or fear against someone or something then I suggest you release it through forgiveness. It will free you up to live your life more abundantly.

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