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I'M Back! Hello Friends


Hello Friends,

It has been nine months (seems appropriate) since I turned off the keyboard on “Hopeful Notes.”  It was a wonderful experience for seven and a half years to share inspirational ideas with you.  However, I had to go on a   journey. The journey has been inside... out. I have studied, meditated, taken courses and talked to lots of people.

I’m inspired to share with you my journey and what I have learned about the heart, the mind and the physical body.  When you learn to connect them in an active way  you can experience a new way of looking at life.

This blog is called “Kaizen-Heart-Mind-Body …continuous improvement for that which already works.”  That’s because there is nothing wrong with you or me. We are fine just the way we are. At the same time, we live in an ever changing, fast moving world. Sometimes adjustments are called for on our journey. Not to fix anything broken but simply to improve on what is already working.

 I intend, through this blog, to give you practical ideas you can use in your daily life. The discoveries I have made over these past nine months and the insights about my life have changed the course of my thinking, speaking and coaching. 

The intelligence of your heart, the expansive and amazing aspects of the mind through neuroscience as well as physical health and the intelligence of the physical body leave no doubt in my mind as to the power of connecting these elements.

We will share wisdom, insights and perspectives that help us continuously improve our understanding and awareness of heart, mind and body with the confidence and knowledge that we are fine as we are.

Hope you’ll join the journey as we explore, experiment and choose.