Open The Conversation To What Is Here

There is no agenda to get you from over there to over here

A place you do not know or even care to get to.

Yet we keep grasping at straws to make more money, have more balance or less stress.

Why is it we are not content with what is right here and now?

I think we are challenged to come to grips with what is bubbling up inside. There is a longing in our hearts aching to be heard. Yet we push the feelings aside in the hope they won’t come up but they are persistent. The unrest inside of us is palpable. We feel it even if we can’t name it.

So, likehungry dogs we go hunting for more in the hopes that something found will satisfy the hunger. The hunger keeps gnawing at our stomach and shows up in body pain, sickness and grumpiness.

The only answer I can see is to open the conversation to what is here, not to get somewhere but to unveil what has been there all along.

It might be past hurts, trauma or whatever, yet unveiling it brings it into the clear light to see what part it plays in our lives.

Then the clarity of what has been you, shines through because it is no longer hidden behind the veil of shame or guilt. 

Freedom shows itself as living in the grace you have been given to live this one day as free as the bird flying past your window.


Step into Your Future:

Harness Your  Mid-Life Power of What Matters

This is an introductory evening based on my new work of what matters to you in your life. Many of us in mid-life have held the delusion that certainty is a reality. We have lived the best life we know how and still found ourselves with a heartfelt longing.
This is the start of the unveiling of what has always been there but not honoured.
Come and see what the possibilities are for you. 

Choose your date to attend:

Date: July 19, 2017  or August 23rd

Time: 7:00 - 8:30 pm

Location Richmond Knob Hill Community Association
 2433 - 26 Avenue SW

Register by email here

I will get right back to you with confirmation

P.S. Feel free to bring a friend.