Here's the fourth excerpt from my new book, Moving On in Mid-Life...The Reinvention Equation. The manuscript has been sent to the publisher! Now the exciting part begins with editing, formatting and a marketing plan. Hope to have the hard copy available in September.
Neuroscience has exploded with scientific information about how our brain operates. We have so much potential for designing our life. This has become clear.

Neuroscience and the Hero's Journey

Nothing happens in the body or in our feeling self or in our thinking self without a message from the brain.  The growing scientific field of neuroscience provides important information on our journey. The connection between our brain and our physiology and our psychology is of great importance in understanding our journey and the personal control we have over how we take it on. 

First, my disclaimer, I am not a scientist. However, I see the amazing information that is showing up in the literature and labs as to the capabilities of our brains and how we can use this information to better live our lives. The reinvention journey relies on an understanding of the ability of your brain and the wonderful possibilities of your life when the information is applied to your circumstances.

Your brain is completely plastic. It changes constantly as you use it and the ability to change your neural connections in the brain never decreases as you get older. 

Our brains weigh about three pounds or 2% of our body weight yet they are a powerhouse of activity with over one hundred billion neurons. The neurons are the basic working unit of the brain and connect with other neurons in unique ways.

Without going into all the science, just look at it like a huge series of electrical connections firing in various sequences. Imagine a forest of trees. Each tree has thousands of tiny endingsthat are equipped to fire off electrical signals to the other tress in the forest. Every electrical impulse gores exactly to the right tree to complete the task being requested. If you hurt your hand, for example, certain neurons will fire to accentuate the pain and others will fire to tell you what you need to do about alleviating the pain. The correct trees in the forest have connected through these electrical impulses to provide the painresponse and the thought process for alleviating the pain. 

The neurons also create patterns of activity over time. Certain repeated activity will have the neurons firing in the same sequence over and over.  Each child born will develop certain neural firing patterns creating habits of activity as well as feeling and thinking patterns which will become a hallmark of how this child will live their life. Unless they learn how to change the patterns.