It is Time To Set Your Intention

There are many words which are used to describe “Intention” such as objective, plan, motive and design. Any of these can be applied to the practice of setting and living from your intention. If there is no intention then there is a lack of direction. You are subject to being pushed one way or the other reacting to events rather than experiencing them in the context of your intention.

My intention is to energize and engage in the conversation with individuals in mid-life about what is meaningful and to inspire and support soul nourishing action.

What is your intention for your life?

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Meaning and purpose are developed through experience and change over time. However, it seems, rarely do we take the time to examine the important question of what is meaningful to us today and how will that be expressed in our lives.

The meaning and purpose in my life come from being of service. This is a variety of activities as simple as taking the dog for a walk, to cleaning the house or convening a group of mid-lifers in a mastermind group to talk about what matters and support each other in our designs of life.

What is meaningful and purposeful in your life?

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If you have not taken the time to set an intention for your life now is a good time to do it. July 26th is New Year's Day in the Mayan calendar. The New Year is always a good time to take  time for examination, reflection, setting intention and getting clear on your meaning and purpose.

Until we talk again...


I am Ready to Be Changed 

"I realize that erroneous self-defeating thinking is the cause of my unhappiness. I am ready to accept my personal power and connection to my essential self so that my life can be transformed"
                                                Howard Parsons 

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Howard Parsons, Author, Speaker, Mid-Life Mentor