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If You Cut Your Finger Don’t tell it to shut up

You are hurt because of your reaction something someone did to have you feel less than or guilty or afraid. You have reacted to events based on the stories stored in the recesses of your beautiful mind.

You can change the way you live with events outside yourself. There are specific ways to quiet your beautiful mind so you don’t react and at the same time do what you need to do to handle the event. 

The more difficult place to handle circumstances of your life is inside your beautiful mind.

You toss and turn at night, you talk to yourself all day long about the past and the regret that fills your body with pain. The past is gone. Why would you want to carry it?  We can use the past to live from powerlessness or we can release it for a greater good.

The worry of the future fills any space available creating scenarios that bring inner turmoil and feelings of dread.  Yet the future is not here yet.  

We can learn to use our beautiful minds to let the past and future flow through us without creating inner turmoil.

That’s because your beautiful mind is a powerful, intuitive and creative part of you that will do your bidding when you know how to direct it with love and awareness.

If you cut your finger don’t tell it to shut up. Just put a bandaid on it and love it. Then direct your attention to the present and see what happens.

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