The Essential U is a resource created by Howard Parsons to teach you how to successfully navigate the choppy waters of the life transitions that tend to come our way.

In each life transition there is an opportunity for learning and reinvention. You are best equiped to learn how best to choose your next path. I can help.  The Essential U embraces the values of wisdom, justice, beauty, harmony, courage, integrity and compassion - believing that every human being has these values within them.

The Essential U offers programs focussing on life transitions that we all face from time to time. We combine science with specific skills and steps to help you through your life transition and beyond. Our goal is to reduce stress, nurture happiness, and help you cultivate a life of sustainable well-being, compassion, and contribution.  A life you love.

The latest research in neuroscience is present in our core programs, along with our unique approach and robust learning community. We are here to show you the way through the complex system that arises when you face a life transition using the most advanced technology to clarify and prove what is possible for you.


Howard Parsons

Founder of The Essential U and The Essential U MasterMind Community, Co-Founder and Facilitator of Moving On When Your Relatiomship Ends - available globally online.

I’m a husband and father deeply in love with my wife of thirty-two years and my daughter who is in the mid-life of her career. I learned to successfully navigate life transitions because if I did not, the consequences would be disastrous for my family and my life. The power of choice was one of the major lessons of my life that came into focus and was destined to become a part of what I teach today. It became obvious in a short period of time that I could take control of my future.

What I have learned along the way is even though life brings us transitions, we have a lot to say about how things turn out. 
I should know, I’ve been around long enough to experience some pretty significant life shifts like divorce, my career coming to a close, starting my own business, and an experience with cancer that took me to the door of the afterlife, before I turned it around to live the full life I have today.

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It was twenty-five years ago when I started facilitating Moving On When Your Relationship Ends with my wife, Kerry. I was still working full time in a busy executive human resources role in a major company. She had started the work with men and women going through divorce and we had always planned to work together. 

Then my primary career ended abruptly and I was not prepared for retirement. If you have been there you know how stressful it can be when your job ends abruptly.


So, the dream was born within me to be of help through teaching and facilitating people going through life transitions that can be challenging and at the same time provide a doorway to new possibilities. That’s what I learned on my own journey.

Now, I focus on two elements in my life:

  1. Facilitating events and coaching people who are experiencing the changes that come with the ending of a relationship, a job or  career and with health.
  2. Applying the life lessons I’ve learned along the long road of my experience and sharing those lessons with others so they may enable their dreams and build a life of freedom.
Howard was the biggest contributor of my current career and life progression. His knowledge and professional career guidance helped me align my goals and placed me where I needed to be. Howard’s ability to detect personal strengths and incorporate that into career progression, is what allowed me to flourish. I can’t thank him enough for the time and dedication he put towards our coaching sessions. It shows he has true passion and integrity while helping others. Thank you, Howard.
— Coaching Client