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Hope springs eternal and spring is the eternal, hopeful harbinger of better days ahead.  Not withstanding the predictions of groundhogs, spring, the Season of Hope, is almost here.  So, come with me…lets get our hopes up and plant seeds of change.

Hope is a verb…an action word.  To be hopeful means being aware of what is ~ a snowy Calgary morning ~ and knowing at the same time beneath those snowy fields lies the fertile ground of possibility. For me the Season of Hope stirs up the possibility that from beneath the frozen tundra something new is waiting to emerge in me, in you and in all life.  

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                                    Hope actions when we plant the seeds of change.

The Season of Hope Spring Retreat is the second in the Seasons of the Heart Mindfulness Series.  It is a one day reflective retreat, a creative, meditative ‘time-in’ to access and liberate what, in our heart of hearts, we are hoping for ~ the possibility of happiness ~ work life, home life, love life…all life. 

Drawing upon the powerful practice of the Mindfulness Meditation, we will enjoy a skillful blend of  meditative traditions and body, mind, spirit wisdom. Together we will prepare fertile ground to plant seeds of hope  for kind hearts, wise minds and generous spirits to grow and thrive.

Please come with me the first day of spring March 22nd 10:00am to 5:00pm  Pre Registration Only – $97.00 regular price . 

Call Howard at 403-615-8200 to register or email howard@howardparsons.com

 Love and Blessings,